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What Counts as Hazardous Materials?


A trucking service company must know first about what counts as hazardous materials. These substances pose a risk to one’s health, safety, property, and environment.

Companies of freight services in California are likewise encouraged to look up the transportation requirements for shipping dangerous items provided by the Department of Transportation. The DOT outlined the nine general classes of hazardous materials which are further split into smaller categories.

Explosives belong to class 1 which is divided into three subcategories: high explosives, low explosives, and blasting agents. Examples of explosives are dynamites, fireworks, fuse lighters, and ammonium nitrate-fuel oil.

Under class 2 are gases, particularly flammable gases, non-flammable gases but non-toxic gases, and toxic gases, belong. Class 3 hazardous materials are flammable liquids, encompassing aerosols, compressed air, and methane. Class 4 is composed of flammable solids which are dangerous when exposed to water and other triggers for combustion. In handling class 5 or oxidizers and organic peroxide, a freight broker in Maywood, California ensures that carriers comply with the appropriate packaging requirements.

Class 6 hazardous materials are toxic and infectious substances that harm humans and animals when inhaled, swallowed, or exposed to the skin. Class 7 is composed of radioactive substances. Class 8 hazards are corrosives such as acids, batteries, and formaldehyde. Lastly, the most commonly transported class 9 or miscellaneous dangerous foods are dry ice and lithium-ion batteries. Other than the shipping companies and freight services providers, a freight forwarder in Maywood, California should also have a general knowledge of these nine classes.

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