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Steps in Safely Transporting Hazardous Materials


In handling the transportation of hazmat, numerous precautionary measures are observed to ensure the safety of the company’s workers, the general public, their clients, and the environment. The company carries the responsibility of determining and validating if the product to be transported is hazardous or not.

This is the first step which involves securing a copy of the manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet. The document also includes a Transportation Information section where it classifies products according to their hazard level. If you want to be extra sure, cross-check it with the Department of Transportation’s nine hazard classes. Safety precautions are observed before, during, and after transporting the products.

Appropriate shipping practices that a provider of freight services in California should observe include using stickers to indicate fragile and hazardous items. Hazmat employees are expected to be well-versed in performing security awareness, hazard prevention, and adherence to safety protocols.

Another safety precaution observed in the shipping process is complying with the packaging requirements and authorized quantity in a carrier. For instance, a freight forwarder in Maywood, California knows that air shipment has additional restrictions as compared to sea and land carriers. Stricter packaging requirements for shipping hazardous materials by air may include pressure-rated packaging, additional absorbent material, or secondary means of closure for extra protection.

Once the product is shipped, the freight broker in Maywood, California is tasked to perform all of the safety measures until the items are successfully delivered to the receiver. They are mainly in charge of communicating with shippers and carriers for smooth transactions and ensuring the freight arrives on time.

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