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What Makes a Good Freight Forwarding Agency


A reputable freight forwarding agency values the needs of its clients. They put the customer first, guaranteeing cost- and time-effectiveness, removing barriers to prompt deliveries, and minimizing downtime.

As a Freight Broker in Maywood, California, we at STPW, Inc. highly uphold these core values as we commit to providing our clients with excellent trucking service and strive to deliver convenient solutions to their logistics and trucking needs:

  • Amiability
    As a Freight Forwarder in Maywood, California, our compassionate and reliable experts are always ready to give hassle-free transactions. With us, you do not have to worry about a thing. We guarantee to do everything to achieve smoother and more convenient logistics and transport services.
  • Responsibility
    Our goal is to provide the best trucking service with excellence and dedication. We understand that the transport of hazardous materials requires utmost precaution. Hence, we label them with their appropriate warning sign and suitable packaging. We also guarantee that our employees are all experts in handling this kind of goods.
  • Punctuality
    We only offer fast, dependable, and efficient Freight Services in California for your convenience. We can guarantee to deliver your goods gracefully and on time. Regardless of the size of your loads or your preferred mode of transaction: full intermodal, hazmat, or dry load, we will get the job done!
  • Respect
    As the center of our services, you are our top priority. We treat all our clients with kindness. We take pride as you entrust your goods and partner with us in expanding your business. Above all, we envision our company becoming one of the leaders in the transportation industry with the delivery of efficient, reliable, and safe services.

To discover more about our services, visit our website or contact us today.

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