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Transporting Your Fragile Items

Transporting Your Fragile Items

The right freight services in Maywood, California can be your valued business partner. Make STPW, Inc. Your partner in transporting your items. We strive for mutual success as partners.

A reliable trucking service ensures your merchandise is delivered on time and within expectations. As you are entrusting your items with us, we understand the importance of transparency and quality service. So we make sure to handle all of your items with the utmost care.

Your business might include trading or manufacturing fragile articles. While these items can have a higher value, these require a different approach to transportation as they are prone to damage or breakage. Handling fragile items can be a challenge, and at the same time, a source of higher revenue.

  • Dishware – plates, cups, or jars all made from glass or porcelain require extra caution when handling and transporting. Each item is usually packed according to its shape and structure with its individual bubble wraps. Vertical stacking should also be limited within the item’s breakage point.
  • Artwork – forms of art, including statues, paintings, or sculptures, can be made from any place in the world. However, getting them to the customer can be a logistics problem. When looking for a provider, consider the supplier’s capability to deliver various artworks, concerning the size and material composition.
  • Musical instruments – delivering instruments, such as guitars or a piano, post a different risk to the business. These instruments may not be susceptible to breaking, but parts like the string can loosen, making it sound off-key.

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