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How to Find the Right Logistics Partner for Your Business


To flourish your e-commerce business, you will need a partner logistic services provider to help you streamline your company, particularly one that could help you expand your business, reduce the transportation risks and costs, and provide solutions for aspects involving warehousing, transportation, distribution, shipping, and receiving.

However, you don’t just choose any freight forwarder in Maywood, California. You go through a vetting process too. Here are the things you should look for in a logistics partner:

  • Area of expertise
    Not all freight services in California provide everything that you need, as they may come of various types—warehousing, distribution, transportation, shipping, and receiving. First, make sure that their expertise fits your business’ needs.
  • Company Sustainability
    Are they able to cope with possible urgent needs and emergencies? Do they invest in equipment, human resources, and facilities for optimal solutions?
  • Credibility
    Read online customer reviews or investigate via other sources if the company honors its business’ integrity, their logistics services, and even marketing activities.
  • Their network of locations
    Their network of locations will determine your business distribution or expansion around the world. A competent partner will provide you with a strategic approach to cope with your business’ distribution needs.
  • Customer service
    Do they provide quick response, excellent communication, effective solutions to urgent issues, and overall exemplary customer service? Make sure they do.
  • Technology
    Do they invest in the latest technological innovations and other available resources to come up with excellent solutions and strategies? Find a logistics partner that provides transparent and efficient service to clients.

Partner with STPW, Inc. for your logistics needs. Reach us today!

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