Take Steps to Preserve the Quality of Your Goods


One of the most irksome things in life is waiting for packages only for them to arrive in a damaged state. Many goods don’t even arrive at their destination at all. These unfortunate instances incredibly hurt customer satisfaction in the logistics industry.

As a freight forwarder in Maywood, California, we exhaust every effort to avoid these incidents. What are some of the best ways to preserve the quality of your goods during transit?

  • Proper Storage and Warehousing
    The journey of a package can be long. Several modes of transportation are used, especially for full intermodal shipments. In between these transfers, these goods need to be protected well. Having warehouses ensures these goods are safe from harmful factors like harsh weather and theft.
  • Strong Packaging
    Providing freight services in California helped us understand that proper warehousing works best with good packaging. Goods need to be packaged well using the right materials to ensure they are far from being damaged. Companies can use materials like wooden crates, carton boxes, and even steel cases to protect all sorts of goods.
  • Use the Ideal Vehicles
    Every good logistics service provider understands that your vehicle matters when preserving the quality of goods. Your vehicles should meet your product’s demand. For instance, use reefer vans for perishable goods.
  • Always Take the Efficient Route
    When your goods spend less time traveling, their chances of getting damaged are lower. Find the shortest possible route to ensure they are not on the road longer than they should be.

Here at STPW, Inc., we can help protect your goods with our polished logistics services. We are a freight broker in Maywood, California, dedicated to helping you meet all your logistical needs. Call us for your inquiries!

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