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Reefer Vans: Their Impact and Importance to Society


We all love enjoying a good meal every once in a while. Even our survival depends on consuming enough food every day. Being a freight forwarder in Maywood, California, we fully understand the role of logistics services in the food supply chain.

Every freight forwarding agency constantly faces the challenge of moving perishable goods. This task is highly time-sensitive, which can be difficult for logistics providers. Luckily, reefer trucks and vans make the job easier.

Reefer trucks are essentially refrigerated trucks. The inside of a reefer container is temperature controlled, allowing for the preservation of a wide variety of goods. These vehicles mainly transport perishable items.

Thanks to reefer trucks, meats, fresh produce, and other perishable goods last longer. They can travel longer distances, allowing many supply chains of food items to remain undisrupted. We all enjoy well-stocked grocery stores and supermarkets partly because of reefer vehicles.

Apart from their emphasized contribution to the continuity of food supply, reefer vehicles can also transport other goods that need temperature control. Some medicines and most vaccines need to be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles.

Other goods include flowers, chemicals, and even alcoholic beverages. Our freight services in California ensure to provide reefer trucks to clients who ship these perishable items.

Reefer trucks ensure that everyone, even those in far places, can have food on the table and medicine ready to be used. They may be seen as a simple tool for transporting goods, but their impact on greater society is felt every day.

If you need reefer trucks for your goods, call us here at STPW, Inc. We are a freight broker in Maywood, California, and we are ready to help you arrange your logistical needs. Call us today!

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