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Identifying the Functions of the Logistics Sector


For businesses, a logistics service provider is an integral part of the supply chain. Managing the smooth flow of the supply chain takes a lot of coordination and planning to ensure a product or service goes to a certain destination in a timely manner.

At the beginning of the supply chain is the processing of an order once a customer books a service or purchases a product. They are in charge of the entire transportation management system: from warehousing, customer service, and shipment via freight services in California, to distribution. After an order is confirmed, the logistics company then proceeds with the packaging process. The type of packaging method depends on the nature of the item. Regulations for packaging different types of goods exist to minimize delays and prioritize the safety of employees.

Providers of logistics services like STPW, Inc. also manage the inventory which is essential to the rest of the supply chain. Without inventory records, prediction for demand of goods, and restocking of goods, it becomes impossible to fulfill orders from future customers. Warehouse management which covers tracking stock movement is also within the function of the logistics sector.

A logistics provider also teams up with a freight broker in Maywood, California as the cargo is moved from one destination to another. The safety of the cargo and ensuring there are no delays is the top priority.

As for the main function of logistics, the transportation of goods perhaps has the biggest impact on the success of supply chain management. Thanks to the freight forwarder in Maywood, California, it is less hassle for the logistics team since organizing shipments has become convenient.

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