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Essential Questions to Ask a Logistics Service Provider


When you decide to outsource your company’s product fulfillment, it’s important to find the right logistic services provider to meet your needs. By working with a great logistics partner, you can increase efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and streamline business operations.

As a well-established freight broker in Maywood, California, we will share the essential questions you should ask a logistics service provider during the decision-making process:

  • What is your area of expertise?

    Some providers of freight services in California specialize in a certain region, mode of transportation, and commodity. If you are interested in a specific service, it’s important to know if the provider is capable of accommodating your needs. The answer to the question will also give you a better idea of the provider’s strengths and capabilities.

  • What are your qualifications and credentials?

    The logistics industry is well-regulated and requires certain qualifications and credentials to operate. A reputable provider should willingly offer proof of their accreditations. As a potential client, you may also ask about their level of experience to determine their overall stability as a company.

  • What services do you recommend for me?

    An important aspect of your logistics partnership is having confidence that they have a firm grasp of your business needs. They should offer the appropriate recommendations and be upfront about any limitations to their capabilities.

STPW, Inc. is your reliable freight forwarder in Maywood, California. Established 5 years ago, we offer several logistics and freight services to meet your needs. From full intermodal to dry load, reach out to us to learn more about our services and other ways we can help your business grow.

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