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What to Know About Transporting Overweight Loads

How to Save on Your Non-Emergency Transport Services

When there are huge loads of goods that you need to transport, there is a likely chance that the loads will become overweight. Huge shipments can be tricky to transport. You will need an experienced and reliable logistics service provider in California to help you navigate through the complicated situation.

Here are some things you should know about transporting overweight loads:

  • Legal Limits.

    Different states have different specifications on the limits for shipments. It is important to know what these limits are. This way, you can package your cargoes accordingly. You can also talk with your trucking service provider about the restrictions on the dimensions of your loads.

    Keep in mind that most states prohibit overweight trailers from navigating through roads and highways at specific times. Know what these times are, so you will also know what to expect in terms of shipping schedules.

  • Shipping Requirements.

    State laws and regulations may require distinctive markings on the containers indicating oversized loads. These may include amber lights and red flags, which will let traffic know that the trailer is transporting overweight cargoes. Knowing what these requirements are will help you understand the logistical flow better.

  • The Need for Travel Escorts.

    In many states, overweight trailers typically require travel escorts. These escorts will inform the drivers about particular situations that will need careful driving, such as traffic jams or construction zones. Talk to your provider about who will handle the costs of having these escorts around.

If you need to transport oversized loads, contact STPW, Inc. right away! We offer reliable freight services in Maywood, California.

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