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As a quality provider of logistics and freight services, we provide reliable solutions to your trucking service needs.

We Offer The Following Services

The services that we provide at STPW are all ultimately aimed at one goal: to satisfy the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to exceptional customer service, reliability, and efficiency. We endeavor to provide an exceptional experience for every client through the delivery of top-notch and reliable trucking services in California, Nevada, Utah, & Arizona.

forklift handling the container box at dockyard

Full Intermodal

We guarantee to do everything that we can just to have smoother and more convenient logistics and transport services.

a man walking through a retail warehouse full of boxes


We understand that the transport of hazardous materials requires utmost precaution. In line with this, we ensure that these will be transported safely.

two men putting boxes on a vehicle


We completely understand how vital it is to transport these goods in time for our clients’ business, especially for huge loads. We specialize in delivering these loads successfully.

forklift handling container box loading to truck in import export logistic zone

Dry Load

Whether it’s for business or moving into a new home, if you need things to be transported elsewhere, we will provide you with timely solutions in the transport of dry loads.

transportation and logistics of container cargo ship and cargo plane


Choose us so you won’t have to be worried about the transport of your perishable goods. It's guaranteed that your goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

To know more about this and the rest of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.