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Calculating the Cost of Your Cargo? Consider These Factors

Calculating the Cost of Your Cargo? Consider These Factors

Is this your first time shipping your products? Are you looking forward to setting a benchmark for your shipping costs? If yes, it’s time to collaborate with a reliable freight forwarder in Maywood, California to help you with your cargo delivery. As you make your first shipment, take note of the rates related to the following factors – these will affect the overall cost:

  • Shipment Destination
    The delivery cost might depend on the accessibility of the receiver. The fuel expense and travel restrictions due to the shipping zone can also add to the total cost.
  • Cargo Dimensions and Weight
    Providers of freight services in California might also have their own fixed pricing for different package sizes (e.g., 12 sq. in., 16 sq. in., 24 sq. in.). Also, cargos might come in square or rectangular boxes.
  • Cargo Value
    Are you shipping highly valuable products? If yes, insurance coverage for your cargo might be necessary before having it delivered. That way, you can file claims if the package gets lost or damaged. Consequently, this might also cost you additional dollars.
  • Speed and Time of Delivery
    Providers of logistic services also have their own set transit times. And the costs of packages that are delivered along with other cargoes are usually cheaper than those scheduled for exclusive deliveries. Besides, expedite shipping usually cost more than regular deliveries.
  • Custom Clearance
    Lastly, take note of the custom duties and taxes you might have to pay. Clearance cost usually varies depending on whether you’ve opted for local or international delivery service.
  • Keeping in mind these factors allows you to create a realistic estimate for your future deliveries. This also helps you keep track of your company’s financial health. If you’re now in search of a shipping service provider in California, STPW, Inc. might be of help.

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